The Bread & Milk Adventure

“Bread & Milk” is a basic necessity.

As I left this morning I was wondering what to call this tour! I is a impromptu tour. It is some away time from our businesses especially after the hectic last six weeks. It is an opportunity to connect with my dear friend Ronnie.

Ronnie and I are able to sleep under the stars and talk man things or just be in the wilderness. The history Ronnie and I share allows us to understand each other, to pull the piss out of each other and to discuss things others find 🙄. These include fishing, bike sprockets, suspension and our role on this earth.


I believe we men need to get away, into the wild, escaping the comforts of everyday life as means of satisfying a primal instinct that required us to adventure for food. I guess it was called hunting and was an activity undertaken by men.

A friend of mine once said he tells his wife he is going to the shop on his bike for “bread & milk” only to return two weeks later, refreshed, a ready to continue being the husband any good wife deserves.

Just a footnote to say I believe cheese, like and adventure, to be a necessity and go hand in hand! Ronnie!

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