“Bread & Milk” reflections day 1

After having found Ronnie in Ladismith, he had a monster block of cheese for me, we went to Anysberg park where we established a camp for the next few days.

The bike of choice for this Adventure is a modified BMW G650X but more about that later. This adventure is offering me the opportunity to test the Giant-loop Great Basin Saddle Bag system. In this saddle bag we have:


ATG gas stove

Clothes, well socks and undies mostly


Sleeping bag


ATG stretcher

Tools, including a spare tube and chain lube

The beauty of the Giant Loop saddle bag is that it does not require a pannier frame. This means it can be removed easily leaving the bike free and easy for day trips from our base camp. It has three removable waterproof bags that facilitate ease of packing. The whole system, when fastened on to the bike, leaves plenty of space to move around the bike while allowing the centre of gravity to be kept low.

A special discovery fir me is the ATG stretcher.

It takes the same space as a blow up mattress

It weighs the same as a blow up mattress.

It is way more comfortable that a blow up mattress


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