Janus Gryffin


The Gryffin 250 is a lightweight, controllable, simple motorcycle. It’s powered appropriately for what dual-sport motorcycles are best at—joy rides through the country to your favorite dirt roads and trails, then back home on late-night zips through the city. Its size and power make it a perfect first motorcycle for new riders and a welcome return to simple two-wheeled thrill-seeking for even the most seasoned of riders. The Gryffin is hand-built in the heartland to inspire joy in every rider.


229cc single-cylinder engine • 265 lbs. dry weight • Leading-link suspension with Ikon shocks • Front & rear disc brakes • Stainless steel exhaust • 70mph top speed • 5 speed transmission • Electric & kick start • 2-year warranty

“Bread & Milk” in Anysberg

To make Adventure motorcycling a true adventure it is obligatory, in my opinion, to camp.

Anysberg Nature Reserve is run by Cape Nature and has wonderful camp sites with breathtaking views over the plains and surrounding mountains. Wild life consists of various species of antelope, of which the Gemsbok is prolific, the Cape Mountain Zebra, the Black-Backed Jakal which make a lot of noise, and Leopard which roam in the mountains. Birdlife is also plentiful.

The camping facilities are first class with drinking water, windbreaks and braai areas at each site. The ablution facilities are extremely clean and the water in the showers hot. The kitchen has communal deep freezes, gas stoves and washing up facilities. There is a large farm reservoir one can cool off in after a long hot day in the dirt. Firewood and cold drinks are available at reception. Everything else you need you must bring.


The riding in the park is great. It is a level three jeep track with rocky outcrops, river crossings and the occasional sand section. One can enter from the Montagu or Ladismith side and travel trough the reserve, the roads outside the reserve allows one to complete a round trip.

“Bread & Milk” reflections day 1

After having found Ronnie in Ladismith, he had a monster block of cheese for me, we went to Anysberg park where we established a camp for the next few days.

The bike of choice for this Adventure is a modified BMW G650X but more about that later. This adventure is offering me the opportunity to test the Giant-loop Great Basin Saddle Bag system. In this saddle bag we have:


ATG gas stove

Clothes, well socks and undies mostly


Sleeping bag


ATG stretcher

Tools, including a spare tube and chain lube

The beauty of the Giant Loop saddle bag is that it does not require a pannier frame. This means it can be removed easily leaving the bike free and easy for day trips from our base camp. It has three removable waterproof bags that facilitate ease of packing. The whole system, when fastened on to the bike, leaves plenty of space to move around the bike while allowing the centre of gravity to be kept low.

A special discovery fir me is the ATG stretcher.

It takes the same space as a blow up mattress

It weighs the same as a blow up mattress.

It is way more comfortable that a blow up mattress


The Bread & Milk Adventure

“Bread & Milk” is a basic necessity.

As I left this morning I was wondering what to call this tour! I is a impromptu tour. It is some away time from our businesses especially after the hectic last six weeks. It is an opportunity to connect with my dear friend Ronnie.

Ronnie and I are able to sleep under the stars and talk man things or just be in the wilderness. The history Ronnie and I share allows us to understand each other, to pull the piss out of each other and to discuss things others find 🙄. These include fishing, bike sprockets, suspension and our role on this earth.


I believe we men need to get away, into the wild, escaping the comforts of everyday life as means of satisfying a primal instinct that required us to adventure for food. I guess it was called hunting and was an activity undertaken by men.

A friend of mine once said he tells his wife he is going to the shop on his bike for “bread & milk” only to return two weeks later, refreshed, a ready to continue being the husband any good wife deserves.

Just a footnote to say I believe cheese, like and adventure, to be a necessity and go hand in hand! Ronnie!