What is Adventure Motorcycling

For most, adventure motorcycling means riding on dirt and for some it needs to be technically challenging to be an adventure.  The Dakar Rally might be the biggest technical challenge a motorcyclist could face. But we won’t be riding the Dakar.

One of the things that defines adventure is purposefully facing the unknown and dealing with whatever it throws at you. So adventure motorcycling generally means being prepared to ride in lots of different weather conditions, handle mechanical mishaps on the side of the road, and mostly, not allow unexpected challenges to ruin your day, or your entire trip.

For us, the key word in adventure motorcycle riding is riding. It’s pretty tough to avoid adventure if you actually get out and ride. And the more you ride, the more adventure you will find. Building your experience and skills will set you up to seek out even more.

Successful adventures are all about stretching the boundaries of your own comfort zone. If you are doing that on a motorcycle, then you are an adventure rider.

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