16 Passes Adventure

This unique adventure, allows you to experience 16 of the most scenic passes the Garden Route has to offer. ALL IN ONE DAY.

The mountain passes are characterised by steep inclines and declines, sharp bends, blind rises and river crossings. The coastal section of the route passes through Fynbos and indigenous Knysna forests while the northern section

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exposes one to the typical Karroo dessert allowing you to experience a variety of riding conditions and some of the best adventure riding routes South Africa has to offer. Some of the passes are remanences of the historic ox wagon routes and others where build in 1904 and include fascinating Stone Bridges.

We meet at Rondevlei, a little known Wilderness Lakes RAMSAR site, for refreshments and a riders briefing. All participants receive a roadbook which identifies the various passes offering some history and pointing out particular points of interest, not known to the average traveller.

On successfully completing the adventure you will receive a certificate of

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achievement and a commemorative badge.

Some highlights of the Garden route you will experience

  • Old Seven Passes Road
  • The scenic Knysna forests, and maybe see the elusive Knysna Forest Elephant
  • Prince Alfred pass with a stop at the infamous Angies G Spot
  • Historic ox wagon routes
  • The shortest telephone pole in southern Africa
  • Stone Bridges build in 1904
  • Millwood Goldfield
  • The Motorcycle Ghost of the Karoo Dessert•
  • Old Toll House